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Childrend's Home

教育方針イメージ The Children's home is one of a child welfare institution stipulates in the Child Welfare Act. Children are generally from 2 to 18 years old who can not live with the family due to various reasons, that abusing, improper upbringing, divorce or illness of a parent, etc. All children come to the institution through the Child Consultation Center. Attending local schools or kindergarten, they start living in the facility to replace their homes. Upbringing of children, professional children trainer, such as nursery teacher is engaged for individual support. The superintendent, Director who is responsible for the entire facility and in addition, clerk, nutritionist, staff psychotherapist, consultants for children and family support, all staffs are supporting the lives of children.

Philosophy of Bott Home

Bott Memorial Home has a philosophy to cherish that has never changed since its establishment.

The first, "We cherish each and every child." Protecting children’s right we cherish and bring up children to grow with dignity and pride. Support method inherited from CCF movement is based on Christian love and we have kept that an adult’s to have persistent personal relationship with a child as a person to a person. We aim to achieve society that each child is entrusted by God and they are respected. We want to raise the children in order to guarantee the rights of children. This is defined in national law as “Convention on the Rights of the Child”. The director and all staff, we give our efforts in our practice to the aim children’s rights.

The second is the "foster home care by small cottage home system." Our desire is to nurture children in a homelike family environment. We have structured the system since its inception and created an environment for small groups to live in the compound. There are four cottage house buildings called cottage home in the compound. In respective cottage home seven to eight children live with three staffs. Six children for respective home are living with staffs in three group homes neighborhood out side of the compound. A role of nursing staff is to create intimate relationship with children to form relationships of trust in a long-term and it helps the formation, recovering of humanity through relationship. The personnel responsible for the care have been practicing life living with children as working principle, and live in there.

The third is "professional assistance by professional team" and "Christian upbringing". Home is a work place as a social practice of Christianity. All staff is Christian who have been called out by the words of Jesus Christ "Go, do the same for you."(Luke 10:37). It is our goal to have the same ethics, values, stood on the foundation of faith. In addition, the staff has been centered on qualified nursery teachers, social workers, and clinical psychologists, and continues to gain nursing quality every day as practicing and training while meeting the needs.


   Director, Deputy Director, Consultant/Family support, Personnel Psychotherapist, Individual Support Staff, Counselors, Child Nursery, Nutritionist, and Administrative Staff, etc. 29 full time staff and 4 part time staff provide attentive care and support the lives of children.

*Expertise of Staff
   Essentially qualified personnel based on national work standards are adopted. To enhance expertise of stuff regular inter trainings are frequently exercised. . As mandates participation of all staff to a specialized training course provided by outside specialized institution. As mandates, Child care workers all staff including Director had a training course titled “Common Sense and Parenting” in fiscal 2011.